Thursday, February 07, 2013

our own version of Sausage (a la City of God) or Linkathon (a la Brian D)

Mockingbird links to an Onion piece in which a 17-year old boy asks where all these loose women are his pastor keeps warning him about in sermons.

A set of studies about Americans and food and eating habits, like emotional eating.

As Fearsome Tycoon over at the BHT has put it, "This just in: the spotted owl is still failing at evolution." The proposal to kill the barred owl population in the Pacific Northwest so that it doesn't crowd out the spotted owl into extinction is pretty amazing if you stop and think about it for about fifteen seconds.  Cut back on tree-cutting and the spotted owl has STILL been dwindling into extinction in the last two decades. 

This one's a bit late to get linked to and another mention at the BHT.

 ... So what are we to learn from Evans’s year of ‘biblical’ womanhood? That the Bible is a complicated book and if we stick the word “biblical” in front of chosen topic, we are inevitably selective and ignore passages that make trouble for our favored opinion. As much as I can sympathize with this point, it is somewhat banal. Whenever one engages the process of interpretation of Scripture, it is inevitable that one set of passages will be taken to interpret another set of passages. That’s just part of the process of interpreting Scripture with Scripture, a time-honored hermeneutical practice if there ever was one.  ...

Chris Rosebrough at Fighting For the Faith couldn't help but notice this week that Mark Driscoll's said some more friendly stuff about Joel Osteen this year than back in 2007.  Osteen has the numbers that MD probably eventually wants ... though it's not about numbers but about lives changed by Jesus, of course.  Last year Jakes was no longer a modalist and this year there's worse things than Osteen smiling a lot. 

Brett McCracken writes over at Mere Orthodoxy about a Zadie Smith piece on joy.

With all of our positive tweets and blog articles about good things among evangelicals and critical tweets and articles about bad things among those who are not conservative evangelicals, I think we are going to undo our gospel testimony in horrible ways if we can't be honest about poor judgement and possible outright breaking of the law in our own ranks.

Biblioblogger Jim West is excited that the cast of Monty Python is reuniting.

Something new got posted here, for those who keep track of that.

It's true that Wenatchee is not exactly writing a ton of material lately.  Sometimes that happens.  As longtime readers will know not all the writing Wenatchee does is necessarily for this blog.  There's some stuff about Justice League to write this year, for instance, and there's some ideas under consideration for another blog as time and energy and concentration permit.

Sometimes links will do.


Ali said...

Wondering if you are aware of/have listened to Alastair Robert's review of Rachel Evan's book on Biblical Womanhood. I found it very good, even if it is incredibly long.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I think Jim West linked to it at some point in the last month or so and I've been meaning to get to it. My pending essays on sonata form in works by Koshkin and Matiegka have been distractions. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work WTH. I appreciate your objective research and letting people draw their own conclusions....even when it seems clear what those are.