Saturday, February 02, 2013

musical stuff will happen again here ... eventually :-)

Yes, Wenatchee is overdue to get back into blogging about musical stuff ... but there's writing about music and then there's playing music.  Sometimes you have to focus more on the former than the latter. 

Not that Wenatchee hasn't been listening to a few things.  There's quite a few reviews of recordings of chamber music we've wanted to run with for 2013 but there's still a lot that's in the notes-taking stage.  There's going to be more blogging about music by Rebay, Castelnuovo-Tedesco and after years of meaning to get to the topic of Koshkin's Sonata for Flute and Guitar Wenatchee finally plans to blog about motiff development as a cyclical device in NK's piece.  We know that's pretty much for the hardest of the hard-core and you won't make head or tail of it unless you already know the piece well but perhaps some links to videos of a performance may help.

There's also plans to discuss Annette Kruisbrink's "Cirex" and Samuel Adler's "Into the Radiant Boundaries of Light" this year.  I may need some help hunting down possible scores or references but I've been trying to dig up Matiegka's guitar sonatas and maybe ... even Carulli.  Back in 2011 I blogged about sonata form in the solo guitar sonatas of Sor, Giuliani and Diabelli.  This year I'm mulling over a comparable survey of sonata form in the works of Matiegka and Carulli. 

I'd like to write about Ferdinand Rebay's solo guitar sonatas but I'll only be able to manage to write about maybe two of them.  I'll need help from musically networking friends but I'd love to write an overview of all six of Rebay's sonatas if someone could help me find them.  Knowing Rebay's work has largely gone unpublished and is only coming to light now I realize this may be a pipedream but a guitarist can dream, right?  :) 

there's also other stuff but, as mentioned before, things are still in a notes-taking stage.  But the musical "to blog" list is big and here's hoping some of that gets into the "done" list this year. 

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Unknown said...

Yes... apparently there is a Rebay sonata for guitar, flute & bassoon but so far it's unpublished. At least there's no sign at Philomele