Saturday, February 09, 2013

last time it was Sor, Giuliani and Diabelli ... coming up will be Matiegka and Carulli

For people who remember this

I'm plotting a sequel that discusses the use of sonata allegro form by Ferdinando Carulli and Wenzeslaus Matiegka later this year.  What I wrote back in 2011 was a very swift overview of a topic that can clearly be discussed at vastly greater length, like this.

We're not going to get nearly so detailed as Bampenyou's dissertation which is, after all, a treatise on performance considerations.

But more listening and analysis will need to happen.  Meanwhile, if you're interested in reading a big dissertation on performance considerations in the multi-movement sonatas of Sor and Giliuani, have fun with the linked dissertation above. :)

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