Wednesday, February 27, 2013

have content in the hopper ... but it's not ready to pop up just yet

There's a time to write and a time to have a social life.  I don't imagine people wait with baited breath for what Wenatchee The Hatchet writes.  If you do, though, thanks.

As productivity goes this is a somewhat fallow period for Wenatchee (notice I didn't say "season", which I am tempted to ban from Christian blogs at various times).  In order to write one must manage to research, think, and read.  There is going to be a post or two about James Harleman's Cinemagogue at Wenatchee The Hatchet.  Wenatchee is still reading through the book, though, and juggling a few social activities and some work activities.

There's so much planned that I may have to plan how to write about the stuff.  I'm not at a stage where marathons of tens of thousands of words just flow.  For alert long-time readers, don't let "A Confluence of Situations" give you the impression that Wenatchee was on some manic writing binge!  That series of posts was assembled more than a year ago after a lot of research and was conceptually refined over the course of a year.  One of the things people may not realize about prolific bloggers right away is how much material gets recycled and how much material may be dormant for months or even years before some of it goes up. 

And sometimes things just get sidelined.  That essay about Nikita Koshkin's Sonata for Flute and Guitar I meant to write seven years ago?  Heh, not quite there yet but I've at least sketched out the motiff analysis across the cycle so that makes Wenatchee a few steps closer to having something.

And those essays on Justice League in the DCAU are surely not going to write themselves! Sometimes the fists of justice must love at arm's length when protecting the world from better worlds.  But if things go well, dear readers, expect to read some stuff about Superman and the Cadmus arc at some point in 2013.  Wenatchee just might seee about timing that to coincide with the release of Man of Steel.

But things are incubating now.  The chickens have not yet hatched here or for some other projects that have been undertaken by Wenatchee The Hatchet.

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