Thursday, February 21, 2013

a new little detail about the MH campus web pages

A sweet little redesign that shuffles the list of active pastors into a tab you can click on that doesn't have a separate permalink.  Cute.  Tim Beltz is still listed as Biblical Living Pastor at Mars Hill Downtown.  Jamie Munson's still listed as Pastor.  There's just a little more scrolling and clicking to find the stuff.  When reading earlier blog posts discussing real estate and governance feel free to keep this detail in mind about the web page redesign.  There's also this separate list that may be useful for future reference and seems to stay relatively up to date, give or take a few shake-ups.


Anonymous said...

Where is the tab with pastor info? I'm not seeing it.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

good question. In the new webpage format scroll down to THIS WEEK and right above that you should see three tabs for "Events", "Pastors" and "Bands". Click on "Pastors" and it should present a list of the current pastors. It's not easy to find so I added the other separate page/link to the whole list of current pastors. Currently the Mars Hill Downtown pastors are listed as:

Tim Gaydos
Jamie Munson
Cliff Low
Jeff Bettger
Will Little
Tim Beltz
Joel Brown