Thursday, January 24, 2013

UNREFORMED comments on the resignation of Bill Clem from Mars Hill

Bill Clem was one of the good guys on the Mars Hill staff. There is no doubt. Anyone who currently attends Mars Hill who came in contact with Bill Clem who wants to speak up and contend that Mars Hill is a stronger or better place without him. Please let me know. I cannot imagine a level headed pragmatic person thinking this way. But I can’t really see a level headed pragmatic person seeing Mark Driscoll as a man of God.

Bill Clem’s nature was indicative of integrity, strength and respectfulness. To be honest when we were unraveling all the problems we were seeing at Mars Hill the only sticking point or obstacle to that line of logic for me was Bill Clem.

  • If this place really is this rotten to the core.
  • If this place really is a fiefdom for the glory of Mark Driscoll.
  • If this place really is being led by a wolf.
  • How can a solid man like Bill Clem play party to it?

You could look Bill Clem in the eye and see that he was rock solid. You’d hear him talk or teach and you knew he was a man of integrity who had a faithful heart. That goodness that is so transparent in some people… Bill Clem had it.

So it was telling to find out that Bill Clem has “resigned” from his leadership duties at Mars Hill and will be sent off at a service on January 27th. Not only that but the announcement came earlier this month and Clem is no longer attending church at Mars Hill at all.
There's more but this excerpt suffices.


Anonymous said...

Bill Clem is still at MH Ballard attending every Sunday through January.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

There is that honorary service, after all. It would be bad manners to not be there for that.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Clem was present at the Ballard campus member meeting a couple weeks ago and spoke at length.

Anonymous said...

What did he speak at length about?

Anonymous said...

His reason for leaving (summary: his gifting is supervising and putting together discipleship programs, like ReTrain, Redemption Groups, and the like) and those are fairly well developed at Mars Hill now. He plans to go to a church in Portland where these types of programs are less well developed. He also stated that he is leaving willingly and Driscoll and the executive elders tried to convince him to stay.