Thursday, January 03, 2013

Practical Theology for Women: Wendy has a new book available

She's written Practical Theology For Women and a study in Ephesians and now has a new book ready.

Thought I'd mention that here. 


Anonymous said...

Mark Driscoll just came out with his new sermon series on Ephesians in a book called "Who Do You Think You Are?" Coincidence?

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Well let's remember MH did rent the city of Ephesus for a day maybe a year ago. The Ephesians book is the next stage of MD selling a book the content of which he can then preach through, a la Real Marriage. Ephesians got preached at MH ten years ago but with a new core and different people he can safely recycle content even though ten years ago he said that pastors recycle sermon material when they've run out of ideas and probably shouldn't be pastors any longer ... or something kinda like that.

I'd heard reports that Ephesians was coming up as far back as maybe 2010 in some cases. I think that was around the time Wendy's book came out where she did an overview of identity in Ephesians.

It might not be a coincidence but some people feel pretty sure that the MH approach is to take someone else's good idea, Mars Hillify it, rebrand it enough to make it seem new, and then run with it. Some of Driscoll's better teaching moments could arguably be boiled down to recycled John Stott, for instance. You could do worse than John Stott of course but old Calvinists, particularly at Reformed Anglicanism, would say you can also do better than John Stott. :)