Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Old Life: Neo-Calvinists and whether or not the Bible speaks to all of life ... including cat litter

... under the logic of the comprehensive sweep of Christianity and biblical testimony, neo-Calvinists claim powers for believers what the church lacks, namely, the ability to apply biblical norms to all walks of life. We do not let ministers preach sermons on tax rates, rotation of crops, exercise, or television game shows. But now along come neo-Calvinists to tell us that any Tom, Dick or Mary, who has no training in biblical exegesis or may not even be catechized, is going to tell us how the gospel transforms cat litter, Alfred Hitchcock movies, and meteorology?
And people wonder why the institutional church ends up suffering in neo-Calvinist contexts, or why the convoluted notion of kingdom-work has given every member a ministry.

As I say, neo-Calvinists intentions may be admirable. But Calvinists, who put the T in TULIP, were not supposed to be suckers for good intentions.

I suppose I could add more but will just note that this is the part that seemed most worthy of quotation. 

Let's remember that in the realm of neo-Calvinists they prefer the approach of training the called rather than calling the trained.  After all, those seminary degrees aren't really good for anything according to some neo-Calvinist preachers who ... for some reason went and got those sorts of degrees ... and in some cases through not-quite-accredited ... ah, but we're saving that for later. 

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