Thursday, January 03, 2013

O Gracious Light: a song over at Chad and Keisha story

I realize that nearly all of you would have no idea who Chad and Keisha are. But some of you who are regular readers of this blog and share some history with us will know instantly who Chad and Keisha are.  I don't always link to or mention all the blogs I follow (which anyone could notice from the conspicuous absence of a blogroll, eh?).  Well, dear readers, Keisha posted a song I enjoyed both for its text and because the music nerd in me can't resist using it as an example to explain one of my favorite bits of harmonic theory.  Yeah, it's just that kind of blog. Besides, Keisha's posted a lot of sweet songs and it seems good tonight to finally link to one and discuss it at least a little.

O Gracious Light is a song Keisha posted early last December.  It's a nice short song suitable for Advent. It has a neat doo-whop vibe to it

Being the composer and musical nerd that I am I can't help but praise her deft use of chromatic mediant chords as secondary leading tone chords.  She opens with B major and shifts to E flat major which then goes to E major.  Thus my earlier comment about secondary leading tone chords, except that the chord isn't a diminished chord (i.e. the usual leading tone triad) but a full-bore major triad.  In the instrumental tag at the end she shifts back and forth from G major to A flat major and back to G major, the two chromatic submediants available in B major, whose normal submediant chord would be G sharp minor. 

Nicely done, Keisha.  I hope you, Chad and the kids are all doing well.  :)

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