Friday, January 18, 2013

HT Mockingbird: another week ends with ... Pentecostal Megan Fox

She's Pentecostal?  She was, I think, the weak link in the Transformers movies but I would have to say it was due to the inevitable and unenviable nature of a young female in a Michael Bay movie. It was apparent that Bay wanted a Victoria's Secret model which is, eventually, what he got for the third movie.  If Fox grew up Pentecostal, and I know a little of what it was like to grow up Pentecostal, then working for Michael Bay on the Transformers films ... well, for the first time Fox sounds interesting.  Not that I'm going to go read an article in Esquire about her, though.  As a former Pentecostal I do remember some of the things she describes in quotes selected by Mockingbird.  I'm not Pentecostal these days but I'm not what people might understand as "cessationist" ... though I'm also not what would be conventionally understood to be charismatic/continuationist, either.  If you want an extremely long overview of what I do think ... it's over here.

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