Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nikita Kohskin: Megaron Concerto

I haven't written about music in a while, though I had planned to.  Still collecting a variety of thoughts and ideas.  So instead of attempting to blog about music again before I think I'm actually ready to do so let's just link to the recently completed and premiered guitar concerto by Nikita Koshkin. 

The concerto is on CD and is available this year, I think on the BIS label.  Concerti are okay, for my interests it's that the new CD has a quintet for guitar and string quartet that intrigues me.  I admit to liking the guitar more when it has a smaller, more intimate canvas.  On the other hand, fun though it is we guitarists don't want to keep hearing just Concierto de Aranjuez forever and ever, amen, so the possibility of a new concerto to be an alternative might be nice, too.  :)

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