Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Duo Rubicund, set of links to a Seattle flute and guitar duet

Er, they've been a flute and guitar duet up until about now.  They're closing shop as the flutist is leaving town, if memory serves.  But here's a bunch of links to stuff they've done.  I'd encourage you to give their stuff a listen and check out some of their videos on YT.

Duo Rubicund
flutist Erica Coutsouridis and guitarist Meredith Connie



I hear local Seattle guitarist Michael Partington has a new album out of works by Bryan Johanson.  I also hear another Seattle guitarist, Hilary Field, has an album of viola and guitar music that should be officially released some time soon.  As Wenatchee The Hatchet kinda tackles chamber music for classical guitar as a blogging topic from time to time you can anticipate that blogging about things like that will be a goal. 

Some of you may have noticed there's more links and less lengthy blog posts and not as many of them.  There are reasons for that.  Sometimes life off-line keeps you busy in ways that are beneficial.  I had thought about blogging about Skyfall and how it's sorta trippy that there's a James Bond movie that has a theme but I don't know if I'll necessarily do that now or not.  I mean, the movie was out practically a whole month ago, wasn't it?

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