Sunday, December 16, 2012

dormancy, sorta

As you'll have noticed we're not quite so productive in blogging here at Wenatchee The Hatchet as earlier this year.  You'll see from the blog archive that there was an explosion of activity on the blog this year but in the last few months the output has shrunk down to more conventional productivity.  This may be how things stay for a little while.

But there are plenty of things in the hopper to eventually, here's hoping, make it up here.  We've kept track of a few things that didn't get a lot of coverage from other blogs or from media outlets.  This is a niche blog (as all blogs in the end probably must be).  So there were blog posts about a certain church and its real estate acquisitions and bylaws and culture.  There were blog posts dealing with chamber music.  There were blog posts dealing with superheroes.  There are various other blog posts and about those we have no need to get overly detailed. 

With a bit of input from blogging friends like Wendy and Bill we've got a drastically different look that, I hope, makes the blog easier to read.  I've also actually bothered to tag posts with themes which will facilitate easier searches on topics that may be of interest to people.  There's still a mountain of completely untagged stuff you could search through if you like but at least this year I started tagging stuff for easier referencing. 

Either we'll actually have a bundle of content prepared for 2013 or we won't.  We can't make any promises there. 

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