Saturday, December 15, 2012

and while we're at it, Nikita Koshkin's Suite for guitar "The Prince's Toys"

The Mischievious Prince

Mechanical Monkey

Doll with Blinking Eyes

Tin Soldiers

The Price's Coach

Grand parade of the Toys

There are a couple of CDs on which this fine suite has been recorded and there's a neat doctoral dissertation on Koshkin's solo guitar music that's been published as of about six years ago.  I don't remember the details off the top of my head so I'll let you hunt around for stuff if you like Koshkin's music and are discovering it.  I think if I had to pick favorites from Koshkin this suite for solo guitar and his sonata for flute and guitar would be my favorites. 

Way back when I started this blog I wanted to write a blog about cross-movement cyclical development of motiff in Koshkin's sonata for flute and guitar.  I might yet finally get around to doing that.  You're going to have to accept that this will not include musical excerpts because I'm not interested in breaching copyright.  I could, however, link to Koshkin's neat videos of the performance of his sonata and provide explanatory notes of how certain themes derive from a motto that opens the work.  But all that's for later ... and by later I mean possibly out into 2013. 

Anyway, enjoy the suite. 

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