Monday, December 10, 2012

a fun (and long) post on damned Raimi protagonists is up at Cinemagogue

Of course Cinemagogue has an overview of protagonists in Sam Raimi films.  After all, Oz is coming out soon enough and Cinemaguy's affection for Raimi's work is easily looked up.  Drag Me to Hell was a fun movie! Not every story has to end with "redemption".  Often, as Harleman pointed out in his presentation on District 9 (if memory serves) so much of the time we moviegoers are used to a story of "redemption" in which a guy on the wrong team realizes he's on the wrong team, has a change of heart, turns around and goes from being a peon for evil to being the hero and savior in his own narrative.  If you want a stereotypical example of this sort of story look to James Cameron's AvatarDistrict 9 provides us with a protagonist who manages to stop being on the side of oppression and injustice but who never really becomes the "hero" that we've been primed to think he should be by American action conventions. 

Well when Sam Raimi's not playing with characters created by other people he's got no problem depicting people who seem "good" and turn out to make harrowing, awful decisions that destroy the lives of others and which lead to their own damnation.  In the case of Drag Me To Hell that damnation of the self is just as literally realized in the story as the title tells you it will be.

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