Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I Think and things I think about blogging

1. As I end yet another year of blogging , I’m amazed and discouraged at how right I was years ago and how little difference it makes. I knew the internet would become the new Wittenburg door, but I thought minor “reformations” would follow. Didn’t happen…if anything, things are worse in terms of ecclesiastical accountability.

I wasn't around Phoenix Preacher back when that observation was made, that I know of, but if the observation was that simply blogging about things would not change anything then I pretty much agree.  Blogs set up to catalyze change can't accomplish much by themselves.  People have to make decisions and take actions and blogs are almost by definition incapable of doing this merely as blogs.

However, as the blogging community of textual scholars and specialists in biblical and apocryphal literature showed earlier this year, there are things blogging can do.  The irony may be that the little that blogs seem able to do may be the most important things they can do, inform. 

So often blogs are about whatever the latest flash in the pan in blogland may be.  It means that many blogs will have a proverbial fifteen minutes of fame and then those minutes will burn away with the next thing.  Some blogs stick around for the long haul by being able to jump from wave to wave or making waves.  In the blogs I read Rachel Held Evans gets discussed, though for precisely how long is nobody's guess.  Evans could be around for years or decades depending on a host of things nobody can anticipate. 

Helping people make informed decisions and assessments by getting them the best information you can is about the best (and maybe all) a blogger can do.  Well, there's also encouraging and inviting discussion.  This blog may not be the most wonderful blog about facilitating conversation because it deals with a lot of esoteric stuff and I admit the learning curve can be a little steep and unforgiving.  It's not meant to alienate comment or conversation.  I do admit that there are certain kinds of comments and conversations I tend to implicitly discourage but that'd be another post unto itself.

Not as active on the blog these days, obviously. 

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