Friday, November 16, 2012

more post-mortem musings on post-mortem principles

We also need Christians with a thorough-going biblical worldview writing good books, making good movies, and recording good music. As I have argued before, you can't have a naval war without ships, you can't have tank warfare without tanks, and you can't fight a culture war without a culture. And by Christian culture, incidentally, I do not mean pious schlock and I do not mean hipster poses with extra mousse in your hair to make it stick up.

I find the idea of a Christian culture a bit problematic.  White European Christendom came and went, didn't it?  Do Wilson-style postmillenialists think they have optimism enough to create a culture that will end up being anything more than another Christian reactionary ghetto?  Obviously they must think that to some degree for Wilson to write as he has written, but belief will not make that "Christian culture" something that will ever win a culture war.  Some of us took Francis Schaeffer more seriously when he indicated that Christians lost a culture war some time back in the 1930s.  Weirdly, many Christians have attempted to win a culture war that, had they understood the implications of Schaeffer's initial observation a bit more seriously, they would realize was lost before any of the culture warriors were even born.  And for those of us who grew up not being entirely white in upbringing these observation may simply have been more obvious to both observe and accept than, well, some of the more thorough-goingly white culture warriors wanting to have their thorough-going biblical worldview lead to the writing of good books and music and movies ... .

Those people might still think WALL-E was too environmentalist.  And Peter Parker's heroism in Sam Raimi's second Spider-man film is for nothing because there's no explanation spelled out for the foundation of heroism in a popcorn movie ...  If only Peter Parker had quoted Rushdoony when he was talking with Otto Octavius and his wife instead of T. S. Eliot in Spiderman 2.

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