Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mars Hill looking for a publishing manager

Well, Matt Johnson is still a pastor at Mars Hill but no longer publishing manager at the Resurgence
Matt Johnson is a pastor at the Ballard church and the manager of Re:Lit, Mars Hill and the Resurgence’s publishing arm.
Matt Johnson is a pastor at Mars Hill Church and publication manager for Re:lit and Resurgence. He also serves as a leader in Mars Hill's Redemption groups.

Throughout the 90s and the early part of the decade, Matt was a traveling musician. Matt met his wife, Rose, at Mars Hill in '97 and they served in music ministry together for over 10 years. In recent years Matt has written music criticism for Paste Magazine, Three Imaginary Girls, Seattle Sound, and Bandoppler.

Matt and Rose got married in 2001 and they have two young daughters.

If you want an independent verification outside a Mars Hill affiliation ...

Husband / Father / Resurgence Publishing Manager / Drum sesher/Biblical Living Pastor @ Mars Hill Church. Long walks on the beach, puppies, Black Sabbath.

Johnson is currently listed as just a pastor at the U-District

And for those curious about the open publishing manager position:


chris e said...

I have possibly mentioned this before. But it always amuses me when the YRRs who are fond at various times of talk of 'functional idols' then choose to describe themselves on their blog sidebars via the roles that they have.

"Husband/Father.." etc.

Anonymous said...

From the link you posted:
The Mars Hill Network is a sub-network within Acts 29 of like-minded churches who have aligned themselves with Mars Hill Church.

You seem to have missed this, but it sounds like some sort of redefinition or "branding" of sorts. A "sub-network". But one thing is clear, there is a "former publishing manager" out there.

Anonymous said...

Is some sort of "alliance" being formed within Acts 29? Sounds subversive.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

anonymous, yeah, missed that stuff. I'd guess there's more likely a Martian alliance as a subset that can eventually break away from A29 and not the other way around. Only Driscoll was on the board and the rest seem to be Chandler and company. With Thomas moved out of MH and into The Journey MH pulling out of A29 would divest them of any institutional or personnel associations with some unsavory stuff from the past. Driscoll seemed to use A29 presentations as a way to share by now redacted or suppressed commentary about some political situations within the church and it would make sense, in the long-run, to wave goodbye to those formal associations to create some distance between MH and A29. Just a speculative guess there. We don't spot everything here at Wenatchee The Hatchet so it's welcome when people can add information that got missed.

chris e, yes, it's funny how neo-calvinists bang on about "functional savior" idolatry while almost invariably defining themselves by functions that could change at the drop of a hat.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Stuff, but a few questions. Why would MD & MHC leave A29 after spending so much time & energy building that organization? Any idea what this Martian Alliance will look like?

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

fair enough. Maybe it could be a difference as simple between backing a network that has still been described as co-founded with David Nicholas vs one that is described as only being founded by Driscoll?

If MH has had a fiscal model as unviable for the future as Driscoll conceded then while A29 might still be valuable to MH it might not be so valuable, with only Driscoll on the A29 board and so few MH staff on board to make it worth a continued financial investment when Driscoll's raised red flags with just enough Baptists in the last eight years to have SBC folks doubting the positive role of MD in the network.

Since anonymous brought this up first perhaps anonymous could field the topic of the networks. After all he/she did spot the detail we missed. :)