Wednesday, October 03, 2012

what jobs are available to apply for at Mars Hill today?

Church positions

There doesn't seem to be an executive pastor at Shoreline since both James Harleman and Chad Toulouse stepped down from that role within just a few months.  Then again, Mars Hill Tacoma is slated as "coming soon" and there might need to be an executive elder there at some point.

Central positions

Kids ministry director functions at the level of a deacon now.  There used to be a pastoral role that filled that slow but I may be mistaken in recollecting that.

Then there's senior accountant here.
This was posted September 15, 2012
This doesn't have a post-date but here's a LinkedIn profile for a previous Accounting Manager who became the Finance Manager.  This position was listed as open for a time but isn't listed as one of the options in today.  The Accounting Manager may have recently been filled.
Jarrod Job had the role of Finance Manager until November last year during what was apparently a big re-org where the financial staff changed and Munson stepped down and Sutton Turner joined.

Finance Manager

Mars Hill Church

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
August 2011November 2011 (4 months)Seattle, WA

Accounting Manager

Mars Hill Church

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
May 2008August 2011 (3 years 4 months)Seattle, WA
To connect the unified mission and vision of Mars Hill Church with the accounting function. Logistically building the accounting function in such a way that ultimately results in more opportunities for transformed lives for Jesus.

Creating value for the eldership [management] through process and scalability improvements to the accounting function, opening more financial and human resources for our Pastors and Deacons to transform lives for Jesus.
Ensuring accurate and relevant reporting through solving logistical and communication challenges brought forth from being a high growth, multi-site church.
Building up team-members through intentional, confidence building feedback. Immersion in a high-performing, technical environment where mistakes are made and emphasis is on the grace and educational rebound from that mistake.
Utilizing social media and bleeding edge technology to increase our training and communication methodology resulting in stronger community upstream and downstream. An example of this is the creation of an library of iPhone ready screen-casts, which reduced the number of reporting queries by 50%.
Decreasing costs and creating efficiencies that result in annual decreases in professional service fees associated with accounting guidance and the external audit.
Other details of the position include managing capital and operating budgets, treasury function, financial reporting, fixed asset management, and the income and expense function.

The current Accounting Manager at Mars Hill Church since November 2011 to the present (according to LinkedIn) is Jessica Pickett

Accounting Manager
Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
November 2011Present (1 year)Seattle, WA

Kerry Dodd is the Chief Financial Officer at Mars Hill since December 2011

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
December 2011Present (11 months)Greater Seattle Area

Who are the officers of Mars Hill Church?
For state law purposes, Mars Hill has a president, Mark Driscoll; a vice president, Dave Bruskas; and a secretary/treasurer, Sutton Turner. Mars Hill also has a chief financial officer, Kerry Dodd; and a chief legal officer, Chris Pledger.

Chris Pledger is gone so clearly Governance had to post-date Kerry Dodd becoming Chief Financial Officer and pre-date Chris Pledger's departure from Mars Hill. 

For those who may have wondered about the governance series (if any) there "may" be some further posting about that stuff.  


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like there is any loyalty shown from management to the staffers at all. You have been naming names. How many will we never hear about? Where are all those committed, dedicated people today?

No job security whatsoever. Massive and constant firings and layoffs seem to be the pattern over the years. And who is the "management"?

The "management" seems to completely change every season. Except for one. The One.

The One who is constantly rearranging the seats on the bus and bragging about throwing people off or under the bus. "The Bus" is apparently his very own job security program.

Anyone who accepts a job offer from this one-man outfit better be prepared to get thrown off the bus at some point, completely used up, possibly abused and discredited - to make room for the next victims.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Actually ... at the bottom levels you are possibly right. But the more closely you observe things the more it seems there's more continuity than may appear.

Munson hasn't actually gone anywhere, for instance. Sure, he's not an executive elder any longer and not lead pastor. He'd have to have stepped down for Driscoll to become president under the old by-laws, which we can safely surmise was done. Munson's on a set of committees and still technically a pastor at MH.

Bill Clem is still lead at Ballard. Driscoll even explained that Clem was allowed to draw a full salary until he was ready to run Ballard, which was run by Jennings between Moi being told he lacked the kingly gifts for the job and Clem taking over. Clem's wife was dying of cancer, after all.

Tim Beltz stopped being executive elder but he's still listed as a pastor at a MH church. Sure, he was moved from West Seattle to Downtown weeks after Wenatchee The Hatchet mentioned his reading of Noriega's biblical counseling materials but that's probably just some coincidence.

Matt Johnson hasn't stopped being at MH and he's in charge of Re:Lit last I heard. Jennings is set to take up MH Tacoma. Gaydos has been at MH Downtown since it started with no sign of losing his job. Samuel Choi moved down to Orange County.

Jeff Bettger went from musician to deacon to pastor at MH. Tim Smith has taken up MH Portland. A. J. Hamilton hasn't stopped being at Albuquerque.

Steve Tompkins is still even lead pastor at Shoreline (sure, he may privately wonder when he'll get axed but somehow he's kept the same job for years). Rumor has it that Noriega is still attending despite having been canned in late 2011.

Some people get their jobs cut and end up working at MH again anyway. Dick MicKinley and Gary Shavey have stuck around, after all, and didn't they get canned for a time?

Despite the systemic layoffs people can choose to believe this is because the MH congregation doesn't give enough for them to keep their jobs rather than because MH has embraced a financially unsustainable model of growing past the competency of its infrastructure and the cultivation of its donor base. Not everyone leaves the employ of MH because they were thrown under the bus. Let's remember MH is a complementarian church so at least some women who have been employed there must have re:produced themselves into a complementarian stay-at-home motherly life.