Monday, October 15, 2012

Old Life: How Silly Do Protestants Sound When Pining for Christendom?

Hart, again it seems, takes a measure of amusement at Doug Wilson's pining for Christendom and lays out a case for why Christendom is more conceptually the property of Roman Catholics and how Wilson has to define his Christendom down a bit to make it semi-pallatable to some fellow Protestants.

Whether it's "Jihad if you Do, Holy War if You Don't" or the more recent humor at the expense, it seems, of Wilsonian conceptions of Christendom Hart manages to be at least interesting and amusing.  It doesn't seem unfair for Wilson to be on the receiving end of at least a little of some of his medicine.  Soft words make hard people and hard words make soft people and all that.  Saying that Wilson's ideas about Christendom are loopy and absurd might be just what a doctor ordered. ;-)

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