Friday, October 19, 2012

Donald Miller: The Truth About Powerful Personalities

HT Matt Johnson at the BHT. Johnson asks somewhat rhetorically

 Don Miller on Lance Armstrong. Does anyone not think Miller is talking about Driscoll?

Here's the link with an excerpt.  Why, no ... there can't possibly be any subtext to this one.

... There’s really nothing wrong with power. Power is a tool. But it takes a certain kind of personality to become powerful. To be pointed, it takes the kind of personality who loves power. We tend to get what we aspire for. Power is rarely accidentally attained.

But power isn’t something God wants us to pursue. Scripture tells us to live a quiet life. Even Jesus mysteriously says He doesn’t regard equality with God a thing to be grasped. There’s a humility and even an anonymity about our faith that is quite appealing. Each of us is to try to get lower in stature than the other, to be lesser than, not greater than.

On power as sought out in a worship experience, or power as subject to an inflationary bubble of influence for which "conference Christians" could be considered a symptom, here's a little blogging blast from the past.

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