Saturday, October 06, 2012

Andrew posts something on Ed Welch, counseling, and heuristics in counseling

For folks who haven't heard of a "heuristic" it can be thought of, broadly, as a mental shortcut.  With that in mind, Andrew posted some comments from a friend on Ed Welch and on how "Christian counseling" can be understood. 

Here's the snippet I want to quote and throw out for consideration to readers:

... The problem with many “Christian” approaches is that, as the Dooyeweerdians rightly note, they work with a picture of a “spiritual” man who is basically an angel in flesh, but ahistoric and simple. Thus, there is a tendency to want to reduce all psychotherapy to either a) exorcism, or b) church discipline. This is an enormously stupid mistake. [emphasis mine] In reaction, we now have Christian counseling which, although it might be fine philosophically (meaning, personalist and non-materialist), is hardly Christian at all, though in a secularist and materialist age, philosophical rectitude is already *so* different from the prevalent model that Christians can mistake it for being specifically Christian. ...

Well that doesn't sound like any Christian counseling we've ever heard about, does it? ;-)

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