Friday, October 26, 2012

and the last bat-installment just went up

The final installment in Batman: The Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire just went up and, as befits a series written for Mockingbird an essay dealing with synergistic soteriology gets followed up with one on monergistic soteriological narrative.  And, as seemed appropriate in earlier installments of Cross Thresholds, things open with a quote from Solzhenitsyn.

Also linked at Mockingbird this week is the guest piece for Internet Monk I wrote for Christian Music Month.  It pops up in Another Week Ends

Congratulations to DZ for a new baby. :) 

I think we'll have to take a break from superheroes for a little while.  Sometimes we do have to get around to blogging about music here. 

There may also be need of a hiatus or lower rate of blogging activity for the sake of mundane and obvious reasons.  Humanity does not generally live on blogging alone, after all.  Time will tell.

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