Friday, September 21, 2012

HT Jim West: The Gospel of Jesus' Wife fragment may just be a modern forgery made by someone bad at Coptic--Francis Watson's case

BrianD, I saw those links on Linkathon and I'm posting this contribution with a hat tip to biblioblogger Jim West.  Francis Watson makes the case that the supposedly new discovery comes off like a badly cobbled together forgery using lines from the Gospel of Thomas by someone who doesn't really grasp Coptic. Since Watson does us the favor of a line-by-line breakdown of the alleged discovery and how it compares to the Gospel of Thomas it's a useful reference.  I read through F. F. Bruce's old survey of the Gospel of Thomas and was surprised at the overlap even though Watson tips us off early that it looks like this discovery is not genuine and that King's initial skepticism would be the right way to proceed.

If you want to read it yourself it's only six pages and while there's a bunch of languages in there you may not know Watson fairly says that you don't need to know Coptic to follow the case.

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