Monday, September 24, 2012

Bill Kinnon is back with a blog post

After quite a bit of a hiatus Bill is back with a blog post that is long for him but average length for me. :) I share Bill's reservation about "gospel-centered" in as much as this becomes a shorthand that is too short.  When we speak about the gospel we have to explain what that is, what it means and at a more basic level we have to remember that "good news" varies depending on who's telling it and to whom.  The risk with a pervasive use of a modifier like "gospel-focused" whatever is that we lose sight of whose good news it was to begin with and it becomes an imprimatur for whatever we were likely to go on talking about anyway.  This was why some bloggers began to have doubts about whether the Gospel Coalition or Together for the Gospel was more the Calvinist Coalition and Together 4 Calvinism.   Now I happen to be a Calvinist (though probably a very bad Calvinist or a pseudo-Calvinist for some) but I have other things to do with my life besides constantly differentiating my thought from things super-Calvinists consider deal-breakers.  I may agree that a certain preacher or two merely call themselves "Reformed" for the halo effect it confers as much as for any quasi-adherence to Reformed anything ... but I'm not necessarily going to see things the way super-Calvinists might, either.  But all that is relatively unimportant.

That there is a mentality toward leadership within Christian circles that manages to pay lip service to everything Jesus taught about leadership and greatness in the kingdom of God while paying fealty in practice to greatness as defined by the world and particularly in North America (and more specifically the United States) is worth noting regardless of theological boundaries.

If I weren't chronically situated to not be buying books I would very seriously considering getting the book.

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