Saturday, September 01, 2012

Another link this week to Practical Theology for Women

This is a reflection on a sermon on Psalm 22.

That David wrote about feeling forsaken by God in Psalm 22 has often been discussed as a psalm that prophetically points to Christ.  It does, of course, yet Christ prays that prayer in a way that shows us we can pray it as well.  After all, when David wrote the psalm Jesus was obviously not yet born and the prophets wrote not simply for their own benefit but for us, as the scriptures elsewhere attest.  The Christological fulfillment Jesus brings does not negate what may by comparison always be the more prosaic, mundane level at which a prayer can be prayed by us.

All that to say, you will at some point feel forsaken by God.  There will be a time when you feel that God has not simply patiently delayed to deliver you but hands you over to those things and people that would destroy you.

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