Friday, August 24, 2012

Phoenix Preacher on an Oregonian consideration of Californians

"God has his people everywhere.  Even California."

We're invited to make our own application.  Oh, and I have.  There are wonderful beautiful people who love the Lord and serve Him and are blessings to other people even though they live in or have come from places that annoy me a great deal.  Daniel worked in the court of pagan kings.  Obadiah worked in the court of Ahab.  It's tempting to take the all-or-nothing approach one way or another but Jesus Himself said that one day the wheat and the tares would get separated.  Not every person who went to Eugene to stone out to the Grateful Dead is a true Oregonian.  It takes more than some concern for the spotted owl to be from Oregon.  Simply knowing who Mark Hatfield and Bob Packwood were is not quite enough.  These provide the simulacra of being Oregonian.  But I digress.

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