Tuesday, August 07, 2012

HT City of God: Sports coffins?


Okay ... I admit this was sort of trippy.  So having yourself buried in a coffin with your favorite sports team on it; having a headstone at your grave indicating which sports team you were a fan of ....

Comics nerds have been put down by jocks decade after decade but, I ask you, can someone point me to a dead comics fan who has his or her favorite comic book character emblazoned on the headstone?  Is there a dead person out there who has Wolverine on his tombstone?  I'm not asking that rhetorically, actually.  Such a person may have already existed or may yet exist.

Whether this indicates that sports is a religion in the way Dan was discussing at City of God earlier remains to be seen but I guess both Dan (and now myself) have to concede that when sports makes it into the burial rituals of people that "might" count as playing a religious role.

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