Friday, August 17, 2012

Drew G. I. Hart: Tweener Jesus Visits the Temple

... it is understandable that Jesus’ parents lost track of him, given that they were most likely travelling in a large caravan full of family and friends from Nazareth to Jerusalem and back, which would probably offer a certain amount of safety and security in such a pilgrimage. If Jesus was hanging out with his cousins (possibly playing tag) then his parents could have easily lost track of him. However, it is interesting that the text says that “they assumed” Jesus was in their group. I’m not always an allegorical interpreter (not that I have anything against such readings), but a more recent reading lead me to jump immediately to how we as so proclaimed Christians in America so often venture off with our plans, mission, goals, and conquests, all while assuming that Jesus is with us.

Now it would take loyal and and long-time readers to know that I've linked to a few of Drew G. I. Hart's blog posts and commentary in the past.  By loyal and long-time readers I mean anyone who's been reading this blog since, I dunno, before Slate linked to me in 2012 without bothering to read anything I actually wrote.

But enough of my occasional annoyance with Slate on certain topics.  Hart has a nice little blog entry I've quoted partly to inspire you, perhaps, to go read the whole thing.

It's not even close to as cool as Linkathon at Phoenix Preacher but I can do what I can.

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