Thursday, August 23, 2012

compiling ideas for Chamber Music Week 3

There's more about Rebay to write, and Tedesco.  However getting to that will necessitate more musical analysis and that has not been possible because many of the works are ones for which I have no scores.  There's only so much thematic analysis you can do without a score in your hands.

There's just listening to a lot of music over and over.  Sometimes that's easy, sometimes it's work.  In some of Rebay's pieces the re-listening is pleasing in other cases it can be a bit more of a chore, i admit.  His work is never less than respectable but like any composer there are some moments that feel less inspired.  However, Rebay's work warrants further discussion and I still hope to get to that here.

I am also investigating a few other avenues for unusual ensembles that happen to include the guitar.

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