Thursday, August 02, 2012

Carl Trueman: Who benefits most from the idea that evangelicalism needs 'great leaders'? why, the 'great leaders', of course

emphasis mine in all cases:

Finally, the cynical historian side of my brain leads me to wonder who benefits most from the idea that evangelicalism really exists as a movement and requires great leaders. Ahh, Ted, as Father Dougal would say, that would be the "great leaders" themselves, so it would. To clarify: at the risk of tautology, without an evangelicalism to lead, evangelicalism's leaders would have nothing to lead. The evangelical leader seminary professor would just be a seminary professor, albeit one that is widely read and influential; and the evangelical leader church pastor would just be a local church pastor, albeit one whose website receives above the average number of hits and whose sermons are a source of encouragement to many. And the free floating, self-appointed evangelical leader/pundit/life coach would, hopefully, disappear entirely. It might require some rethinking of strategic philosophy and it might dent a few egos but I do not think that would be a major setback to the kingdom or to the cause of church unity. In fact, quite the opposite.

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