Thursday, August 16, 2012

... and more writing

As I have occasionally written here at Wenatchee The Hatchet certain essays don't write themselves.  I'm in the home stretch for the lengthy series about the caped crusader.  I'm excited by the prospect of having it all wrapped up, I hope, by the 20th anniversary of a certain classic cartoon.

Earlier this year I completed that giant cycle of 24 preludes and fugues for solo guitar.  It took about five years to get the solo cycle done.  That means it took me about as long to finish my set as it took Igor Rekhin to finish his set.  Koshkin's set, I hear, was wrapped up in three years but his credentials as a guitar virtuoso over the last thirty to forty some years are beyond dispute.  I'm anything but a virtuoso and so I don't feel bad if it takes five years.

I am thinking of tackling a Chamber Music Week 3 some time later this year but that's just an idea where I'm brainstorming possibilities.  I want to get back into blogging about specific scores by composers.

Beyond this I have many other things I hope to tackle.  One can't always be writing music and essays all the time.  There are times to play music, too.  I want to start back into actually performing the things I compose.  I'm discovering, as many composers before me, that there are times when you have to be an advocate for your own work because not everyone is sure that what you wrote isn't too rough to play.  When the piece in question is a prelude and fugue for solo guitar in a key like B flat minor or F minor this point is well taken.

I'm not that far into the Romans commentary.  For sake of the Brooks I want to at least write an entry or two to let him know I am still reading the book.

There's something I may dabble with a bit that I'm on the fence about.  I may write a separate post about this or just sit on the thing for a bit and not blog about it.

After all, when I've said that I'm doing a lot of writing not all of it, by half, has necessarily been intended for this particular blog.

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