Monday, July 16, 2012

Links: Yehezkel Braun, Sonata for mandolin and guitar

This week can be considered Chamber Music Week 2.  It's kind of a lazy Chamber Music Week 2, however, because this week I'm just going to link to things I've found interesting.  You know exactly which gigantic blockbuster movie is opening this week and Wenatchee The Hatchet would be remiss to not write volumes of stuff about the Caped Crusader.  

Now I still want to write quite a bit more about music by Ferdinand Rebay and to blog about Ecclesiastes and a fantastic little commentary by Martin Shields.  But the week that The Dark Knight Rises this blog is going to be a linkathon to obscure and (I hope) interesting forays into chamber music involving the guitar.

Without further ado, or explanation ...

Yehezkel Braun, Sonata for mandolin and guitar
movement 1

movement 2

movement 3

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