Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joyful Exiles has new content and Driscoll has another woodchipper reference

Most of the audio is stuff you'll have heard before.  There is, however, a new segment in this audio you wouldn't have heard in the audio Chris Rosebrough posted at Fighting for the Faith.

"I've read enough of the New Testament to know that occasionally Paul put somebody in the woodchipper, ... you know?"

So Driscoll was into making woodchipper references in September and October 2007, it seems.  Not that you'll find either woodchipper reference in the downloadable materials available at Acts 29.  Andy and Wendy Alsup include a reference to "The Man", the Acts 29 presentation in Raleigh, NC in which Driscoll talked about putting a pastor through the woodchipper and talked about how he was like a fart in an elavator.  Acts 29 saw fit to excise that segment of the sermon some time after the Alsups made reference to it.  However, it happens that Re:Fund, a rather sparsely populated blog, includes an extensive citation of the same Acts 29 presentation, significantly more extensive than the quote from Wendy at Practical Theology for Women.

I documented their documentation and noted the apparent circumcision of Mark Driscoll's "The Man" in a blogpost earlier this year:

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