Thursday, July 12, 2012

another linky link--are megachurches real churches?

This morning I came across a story about a Singapore Mega-Church director who has been arrested on suspicion that he used $23 Million dollars of church funds to aid his wife’s music career. Ironically I heard Kong Hee speak at an AOG church conference way back in the late 90′s. The only thing I remember of his talk was that for years his church sat at around 1000 people. He said God was teaching him the importance of having a healthy church. Since then the church has grown to over 20’000 people. A number I personally find incredibly hard to fathom.

In his usual loving, warm and kind way Jim West has provided comment on the situation.  ...

That last sentence made me laugh out loud because I happen to read Jim West's blog from time to time and I saw what he wrote. :) I'm not going to link to that post, though.  I leave it to you, dear reader, to go look up Jim West's blog for yourself.  It's thanks to his regular commentaries on commentaries that i picked up a fantastic commentary by Martin Shields on Ecclesiastes for a very low price, a commentary I hope to blog about a bit later this year. 

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