Thursday, June 21, 2012

a word about coming attractions

Despite the realization that probably 90% of people who read this blog are only reading for one general topic I am looking forward to blogging about other things for a while.  I'm much closer to finishing the  engrossing and informative book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. I have not been in a position to splurge on things like books most of the time and so I borrow.

I admit I did splurge and spent a small sum of money on Martin Shields' commentary on Ecclesiastes because Jim West plugged for it the week there was a fantastic sale on the book at Eisenbrauns.  So I've starting reading Shields' commentary on Ecclesiastes.

Longtime readers who actually care about the writings of Adolf Schlatter will understandably be annoyed I have done no blogging about his daunting and amazing commentary on Romans. I admit I'm still back somewhere around page 40 or so and rereading the first 100 pages.  I hope to comment more on Schlatter in the future but confess that as a layman who's never gone to seminar and only studied the most rudimentary elements of koine Greek this is a book that puts me at the outer limits of my reading abilities.  I'm able to work things out by slow and careful reading where as I blitzed through Moby Dick in about a month. I read Heart of Darkness in a single night between midnight and 7am, which was arguably the perfect time to read Joseph Conrad's bleak little masterpiece.

And for all four of you who bothered to read everything in Chamber Music Week there are plans for Chamber Music Week 2.  I'll admit now what I didn't let slip then, I liked the idea of doing a Chamber Music Week series for the impudence of it.  I'd begun to notice all my traffic was about things Martian.  Honestly, that's pretty lame.  I write about a lot of other things. That this blog got known as some kind of blog that's an "other side" blog is the result of some misinformation.  :)  Really, go look at that Ruth Graham Slate article, come back and actually read what was linked to here at Wenatchee The Hatchet and establish whether or not I ever actually talked about Driscoll in that post.

In fact if Graham hadn't been so sloppy in her work I might not have felt nearly so inspired to dig up so much.  Call it getting upset at the failure of mainstream media to cover religion in an informed or thoughtful way.  Now whether or not anyone at Mars Hill appreciates all the blogging I've done to correct misrepresentations of my writing or inaccuracies that I detected in Slate's coverage is not something I can divine.  But my point for this post is that that stuff gets boring.

So I have more stuff I hope to blog about music by Ferdinand Rebay and Castelnuovo-Tedesco.  I realize I didn't get around to providing an overview of the recordings of the d'Amore Duo, either.

I have sometimes blogged about comics and cartoons and that has not happened for a while  I admit that offline realities have thrown a monkey wrench in my plans but a good kind of monkey wrench.  Still, I've been overdue to get more of Part 5 done for the Mockingbird series.  Part of me isn't sure if I want to just knock out Part 5 or wait until The Dark Knight Rises because if at night all cats are gray the newest cat may be something to consider. There's also that new Spiderman movie coming out and a Pixar movie opening this weekend. Wenatchee The Hatchet has been overdue to write about films and cartoons, hasn't he?

In other brief news I have finished a couple of giant musical projects this year.  By giant I mean that just one of them is at least two hours long.  Yes, the giant contrapuntal cycle for guitar is done and now there's yet more work to be done in mapping it out for more than one instrument.  I also finished a number of chamber works this year.

On top of that I have been working on preparing a number of works for filmed performance, which is not easy.

So perhaps this weekend I may manage to write at least a little bit about some cartoons.  We'll see.

I found the podcast of a pastor I used to be taught by decades ago.  He's still able to go through the Bible and share things I didn't know before.  I appreciate that in a pastor.  It's nice to be able to hear things from a pastor from the Scriptures you didn't know before even for passages you know.  I like that better than knowing in advance what a pastor is going to say about a text because the sermon is really about a bunch of hobby horses.

But I have to stop right there because that's going into topics I don't feel like blogging about.  Cartoons, on to cartoons.  And music.

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Ali said...

Well, Jeremiah, I'll admit to coming to your blog initially to read about Mars Hill etc, but I've enjoyed your posts on books you are reading and a few other things. I'm afraid you will lose me during chamber music week. I am not one of the four :).

All that to say, you won't lose this reader if you move on to other things...