Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cinemagogue: Prometheus, Panic and Hubris

James Harleman admits to having always thought it was dumb when characters ran in a straight line.  What lazy scripting?  But wait, you mean to say most living sentient creatures get into this mindless flight path?  Oops.

It's a short but worthy little read about realizing that there are times when you sit back in judgment thinking "who is really that stupid?" only to discover that sometimes it's you. I just wrapped up Daniel Kahneman's fascinating book Thinking Fast and Slow and there's a lot of research that tells us that our brain is great at jumping to conclusions too quickly with too little information and that there are times when our brains answer the simpler question and make the intuitive judgment call that turns out to be tragically wrong.

And from a story-telling standpoint this explains why the only sorts of characters that don't reflexively run straight away from danger tend to be characters who have trained that out of themselves through years of self-discipline ...

like Batman. :-)

Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

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