Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brave. a review in the works

Longtime readers know that I write about cartoons and Brave is one of those Pixar films I was going to make a point of seeing.  I want to write about the film but the actual review will have to wait until I have some time to collect my thoughts about themes and character arcs.  The movie has been out for a short-time but since this is Wenatchee The Hatchet if you've read my reviews of Pixar films in the past or my writing about cartoons you'll know that I write very spoilery reviews.  As in spoilers may appear in the first paragraph. So if you haven't seen Brave yet, read my blog, and don't want spoilers you may want to catch the film in the next couple of days. ;-)  You can trust me that it's a sweet, endearing film with more stuff to chew on thematically than the princess tropes and adventure set-pieces might initially suggest.

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