Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Slate links to Cracked on five ways to spot a bogus story

5. The headline contains the word "gaffe."
4. The headline ends in a question mark.
3. The headline contains the word "blasts" (or lashes, etc, and etc).
2. The Headline Is About a "Lawmaker" Saying Something Stupid
1. The headline contains the phrase "blow to."
Point number 4 is a keeper and it is not merely a great way to filter out stupid articles and editorials on politics, it is also a reliable tip-off to me that some article in Spinoff online was written by Graeme McMillan and therefore not worth reading by definition.  I feel no remorse saying that because every single time I have taken the time to read a piece by Graeme McMillan I came to the end of things asking myself what I gained from it.  Alas, nothing. I don't begrudge a person gainful employment, least of all these days, but life is too long and has too many opportunities for one of them to now be me reading something by McMillan. 

Of course I imagine every writer must be this kind of writer to someone. Even now there may be someone who comes to this blog, reads for a few minutes, heaves a sigh, and wonders "Why did I bother?" Yep, that's the internet. It wouldn't be what it is if everything you clicked on made you glad you did so.

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