Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kevin Bolk's Avengers parody worthy of Laura Depuy's Bizzare Breasts column at Sequential Tart

You may have seen this already but it's worth it anyway.  Kevin Bolk did a parody of what the male Avengers would pose like if they were drawn like female Avengers.  It is exactly what you would expect.  What you might not have known is that Bolk's parody is in the grand and severely, er, underexposed satirical tradition in comics whose apotheosis was arguably attained in the last twelve years by Laura DePuy in her column Bizarre Breasts over at Sequential Tart.

Who is Laura DePuy, you ask?  She was colorist for The Authority and wrote some killer satirical commentary on how women get drawn in comics.  Alas, dear reader, her visual examples no longer come up more than a decade later.  However, her writing is sharp and crisp. There are acronyms aplenty that may need translating.

Here is chapter one of Bizzare Breasts, The POSE
(prevent onerous sags everywhere)

Here's chapter two, The SWAY and The SNAP
(Spines will appear yanked)
(Spines never articulate properly)

It's seriously a small tragedy of comedy that you can't see what she originally came up with for this chapter.  I almost peed myself laughing so hard at what she came up with.

Fortunately for chapter three, the POINT, some of the art has survived.  What does POINT mean?
(Perverse omnidirectional intuitive nipple tracking)

finally, chapter four

There's too much to allude to in this final chapter. Depuy had a lot of fun at the expense of Image comics.

This is a post full of whimsy, if admittedly a certain delightfully cruel whimsy.  It's really too bad so much of the art in the Bizarre Breasts columns at Sequential Tart is no longer around.  Still DePuy's brilliant evisceration of the Image comics Bad Girl is, quite literally, instructive.

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acorben said...

Couldn't agree more. I wish they'd refresh those pages. Many of the pages of that column, not only Laura Depuy's, have question marks where the art should be.