Monday, April 16, 2012

there's been more than one nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody
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Long-time readers here at are no doubt familiar with Denver Moore, a man who was without hope until God set him on a different course after he met up with a wealthy art dealer and his persistent wife at a homeless shelter in Fort Worth, Texas. The story of this providential meeting can be found in the bestselling book Same Kind of Different As Me, written by Moore and that art dealer, Ron Hall, with assistance from WORLD senior writer Lynn Vincent.

In his email to friends, Hall shared that, despite all the attention and praise he received at these events, Moore wanted to be introduced in a certain simple way. "Tell 'em I'm a nobody that is tryin' to tell everybody about somebody that can save anybody," Moore told Hall. [emphasis added]

"That 'Somebody' was Jesus," Hall wrote shortly after Moore's passing, "and Denver woke up in His arms on Saturday. His famous quote and the final words in his book are 'We are all homeless workin' our way home.' Welcome home friend; you were a good and faithful servant."

There's nothing new under the sun, right?  That might go triple for catchphrases.

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