Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a summary of accounts and references so far

If it were possible to set up a single post that could be used as a "one stop shopping place" to find everything that I, the Alsups, or the Petrys (of late) have publicly discussed about Mars Hill past and present this is a candidate.  I've been trying to compile not just what we have separately written but to also compile public statements by MH as an institution and individuals. 

This week a new site has gone up that documents Paul and Jonna Petry's story of their time within Mars Hill, mainly told through the primary documents of correspondence and formal church announcements in many cases. It is here:


There are quite a few other reference points and discussions.  I've attempted to compile my research into a variety of things related to Mars Hill in links mentioned below.

A compilation of various public statements, news articles, and blog entries that connect to Andrew's story getting public is listed here:


This is my 8-part overview of Mars Hill reaction to the Andrew church discipline controversy with observations about how MH advocates and MH have handled things here:


This is where I first broached the subject of co-founding elder Lief Moi vanishing from the elder roster.  This is a subject I touch upon in the 8-part series "A Context for a Call for Reconciliation".

This is the dual review of Real Marriage at Practical Theology for Women.

As an external attestation that Driscoll's health had hit a low point there's this blog post written a few days after Driscoll blogged "Of Brokeness and Buddies":


 ... On top of a pile of unending responsibilities, Discoll writes a column, and this one is painful.
Of Brokeness and Buddies:

I write this blog while flying somewhere over the United States late on a Thursday night heading home from a conference in the great nation of Texas. I have blogged very little thus far in 2007 as I have been playing hurt in terms of my health. I have been pushing it for ten years since Mars Hill Church opened up, and the end of last year was a particularly rough patch. I was looking forward to a few weeks off after Christmas to catch up on sleep. Sadly, what happened is that I would be very tired and go to bed at a decent hour only to wake up a few hours later, unable to return to sleep. I was not stressed out or thinking, but it seemed something was physically wrong. Even sleeping pills were of little to no help and by the end of the holidays I was exhausted, having slept an average of perhaps three hours a night. A naturopath said I had overextended myself and worn out my adrenal glands (which regulate my sympathetic nervous system).

I’ve read it carefully a couple of times and I have one word for this pace and level of expectation and disjointed assistance to someone crying out for help. Insane.

Our sympathetic and parasympatetic nervous system is designed to warn us that our lifestyle is out of whack. And when we don’t pay attention, we pay the price. I’m sure Driscoll will get hundreds of tut-tut emails, and people letting him know they are praying for him.

He needs help, good medical help. He serious, mature people stepping into his life and into their responsibilities at his church to provide him with what he and his family needs, not what he thinks he wants.

That's the salient excerpt. And to demonstrate that Bene Diction was accurately citing the original source check this out:


I wrote two reflections on the Alsup double review of Real Marriage at these links:


This is where I recount that in 2008 I privately warned that church counseling and discipline was probably going to be the most dangerous faultline for Mars Hill at which something would go wrong:

What happened with Andrew was something I privately warned might eventually be a problem.

My research into the rise and abrupt disappearance of James Noriega from eldership at Mars Hill is documented at these two links:



At the moment James Noriega is no longer a pastor and since Mars Hill clarified in its statements on church discipline that months ago before any bloggers wrote about anything Andrew they removed staff who had, after investigation, been found to display a pattern of overstepping spiritual authority now might be a good time to consult http://joyfulexiles.com/ for an idea of what an investigation might look like.  If Mars Hill is in the process of purging itself of any public connection to James Noriega then expect to see more content connected to him to get swiftly and quietly taken off Mars Hill sites.  If in the Petry site there's, say, reference by Munson to Noriega in correspondence with Petry saying Noriega was one of the reconciliation team it might be even more important now to note Noriega's disappearance from the eldership listings. Just to be clear, Noriega is mentioned.

Finally, given all the blogging from 2011 about "I see things", the infamous clip from the multi-hour Driscoll presentation on spiritual warfare from February 5, 2008, I finally compiled a gigantic overview of what I have come to consider the stupid, lazy, and ad hoc use of the categories "prophet, priest and king" in Mars Hill idioms to describe "public speaker", "buddy" and "bean counter/manager" roles within an organization.  Along the way I consulted Deuteronomy 16-18 and some work by Frank Crusemann.