Friday, March 23, 2012

Mars Hill November 2007 timeline

NOVEMBER 4, 2007
MH MEMBERS’ Questions posted on MHC Website in response to “Ask the Elders Anything” (Members were allowed to ask questions during a 72-hour window of time – then the website was permanently shut down.)
NOVEMBER 9, 2007
ELDERS’ 142-Page Document in Response to Members’ Questions
(includes a four-page cover letter by Mark Driscoll)
NOVEMBER 18, 2007
The Seattle Times, Janet Tu, Firing of Pastors Roils Mars Hill Church

Then there was the November 18, 2007 sermon "Sex, a Study of the Good Bits from Song of Solomon"

You know cross-referencing these things seems weirdly illuminating. Trying to put out fires of controversy over firings and by-laws one week, stoking the fires of thinking about how oral sex is commanded by Jesus another week, and talking about how conflict is  It looks like the 2007 Scotland sermon was sort of like some of the 2002 men's training seminars.  2007 preaching was even more full of recycled stuff than I previously thought.

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