Thursday, March 29, 2012

Driscoll on his role in Acts 29 dates February 7, 2012 and March 28, 2012
from February 7, 2012

Here is what is changing.

My Investment

By God’s grace, I envision a lasting legacy for Acts 29 with thousands of churches planted across dozens of denominations reaching hundreds of thousands of people. With all that is going on in my life and ministry I do not want to drift away from A29 in any way, as you are a priority. I have cut back many of my duties and travels so I can focus on growing as a leader and help to grow Mars Hill, Resurgence, and A29. I want to give more time and energy to those entities, not less. I want those three entities to serve one another and benefit church planting and evangelism across A29. This will include Campaign resources from me to help other pastors through Mars Hill, helping interested A29 pastors publish blog posts and books through Resurgence, and also hosting training events for their leaders through Resurgence.
from March 28, 2012

Recently, I sensed that not all was well in Acts 29. As my concerns grew, I recently resumed the presidency of Acts 29 to work directly with our network captains, most influential pastors, and staff. It seemed to me that some of our relationships, board size and structure, communication, systems, and such were not as effective as we needed, which is to be expected to some degree in a large, complex, fast-growing entrepreneurial network such as ours.

Seeking wise counsel, I asked Darrin Patrick and Matt Chandler to fly to Seattle in order to meet with the executive elders of Mars Hill for a full day to decide a course of action. They graciously did so, and in our time together was a rich, true brotherhood, a renewed and deepened commitment to Acts 29, and a Spirit-lead unity.

Together, we decided, in light of all the complexity we’re facing, that the best thing for Acts 29 going forward would be for Matt Chandler to assume the presidency, move the network offices to Dallas, and select his Acts 29 staff.

In light of this, I want to sincerely thank the people of Mars Hill for investing millions of dollars over the years in Acts 29 and the people of The Village for being willing to house the Acts 29 headquarters.

As for myself, I want to humbly serve Jesus and his men in Acts 29 by doing whatever is best for them. Going forward, I will gladly remain on the Acts 29 Board supporting Matt, along with Darrin and whomever else Matt believes best fits the Board.
and, of course, from 3/28/2012

Acts 29 Network

As the cofounder of Acts 29, I’m honored to work with great men, amazed at what God is doing, and excited for what remains. But, after examining what is best for the men in our network in the next season, the board and I have, without reservation, decided to appoint Pastor Matt Chandler as our president and allow him to oversee the daily operation of Acts 29.

Pastor Matt is my brother and dear friend. It has been a complete joy to watch him become a world-class Bible teacher and leader. I will remain on the Acts 29 Board supporting him and serving the pastors and churches, and all of our local Mars Hill churches will continue to be a part of Acts 29. I want to thank the people of Mars Hill for pouring millions of dollars into Acts 29 over the years, and also thank the people of the Village Church and their elders for stepping up to lead the next season of Acts 29. Admittedly, I grieve this a bit but want to be humble, support the leadership of godly men, and do whatever is best for the churches in Acts 29. Ultimately, I want to love and serve by God’s grace.

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