Monday, March 26, 2012

Dan of City of God blog re: Petry-leaks over at Kinnon TV

Dan on said:

One of the subtler things that I noticed in the Petrys’ account was a contrast: Driscoll forced out MH co-founder Lief Moi, Bent Meyer who Jonna Petry characterizes as have years of pastoring experience as well as her husband who appears to have been one of the older, more established (being a lawyer and all) members early in MH’s history. By contrast according to Driscoll seems to have made Jamie Munson his right-hand man in spite of what Jonna Petry recalls of his relative youthfulness, newness to the faith (at the time), and inexperience.

Is it just me or does this suddenly sound like Rehoboam in 1 Kings 12 where he ignores the elders who served his father in favour of the young men who were his friends?

As I noted in a reply over there I began thinking of how the Petry/Meyer firings by Driscoll and Munson resembled Rehoboam back in December 2007. Of course back then I was writing at a purely subtextual level and had not tipped off what I was writing about in a way that anyone outside Mars Hill would have been likely to discern.

Dan's observation that generational tension is one of the more subtle motiffs in the Petrys' account of the 2007 firings came across as slightly less subtle in the flesh.


Anonymous said...

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Sounds like a veritable lovefest over there. Wonder what the real story is. Think we'll ever know?

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I don't know if we'll really know, Anonymous.

We do, however, have irrefutable photographic proof of why Munson eventually gained the nickname "mini-Mark" and perhaps that should count for something.