Thursday, February 09, 2012

Carl Trueman: Who Ordained You a Minister Over Me?

... The question, Who ordained you a minister over me? is an acute one, and likely to become more so in an era of information technology and hard-sell parachurch marketing.

The question may be most acute when we get an answer.  Of course any old preacher can answer the question "Who ordained you a minister over me?" with the answer "God" but of course a modalist or an Arian could say that, too, right? No, the question is a bit more temporal than that, isn't it? For people who don't like "cemetaries" or denominations the question stops being what institution grants authority and the question becomes a matter of state. In other words, if we work on the assumption that EVERY preacher assumes he or she has been appointed by God to preach then who vets God's decision in this realm?  The answer for a few of these preachers ultimately boils down to "me".  As in we're told God has ordained pastor X as an authority over us because pastor X said so and nominated himself for the job. 

Now, of course, we could suggest here that Paul faced precisely this problem of credibility in his own time and when he was faced with super-apostles who said he wasn't well trained in speaking, lacked forcefulness or charisma, or was getting things wrong Paul did make a defense but he made a defense via 2 Cor 10-13 in ways that would not be how modern-day self-described apostles and prophets so often write their own letters of recommendation. 

And since I read this link by way of Phoenix Preacher here's another linky link.

Seeing as I'm juggling a couple of free lance writing projects and a commission I'm not feeling inspired to really write a ton at this blog or field a ton of other things.  I am also still looking for something like a normal day job, after all.

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chris e said...

Yes, nicely put. This is the flip side of those arguments about 'internet bloggers who diss pastors online' that seemed to so excise those on the elephant room.