Saturday, December 17, 2011

yep, still a comic book nerd

I recently saw some of the promotional photos and teaser for the next Spiderman film.  Any number of things could go wildly wrong with the film but at this point I would guess that Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy couldn't be one of them.  She looks like a John Romita Jr. drawing come to life and I know from Zombieland she has the chops to transcend Stan Lee's odiously binary depiction of women.  I'm going to state this in some very blunt terms, Stan Lee only seems to know how to write women as weepy clingers or party skanks if he's not writing old biddies.  Sue Storm possibly excepted, my brother tells me.  Don't get me wrong, I still love the old Spiderman comic books up through about issue 137 or so but I'm not going to soft pedal my unhappiness with how Stan Lee has tended to write women.  Emma Stone may have a chance to play Gwen Stacy the way she could have been if Lee had stuck with his earliest characterization of Gwen rather than what happened later.

I never cared for Bane but Christopher Nolan got me to like the Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul.  He also came up with the most compelling version of Two-Face/Harvey Dent on film so far.  So if Nolan decides to use Bane and hadn't been familiar with the character before that's okay.  Better that than Sony strong-arming Raimi into using Venom.  The reveal that Bane is the main listed bad guy for The Dark Knight Rises conveniently lets me keep mentioning the use of Bane in Batman: the animated series for my Mockingbird project.

Of course everyone by now must already have heard, for those of us into comics, that Jerry Robinson died.  Co-creator of the greatest Batman villain ever made Robinson would be famous within the medium just for that.  I didn't blog about that because I know that there's nothing I could add that others wouldn't have said better.  Since I'm on a post about comics and comic books in film, though, I'll at least mention Robinson's passing in, well, passing.

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