Monday, December 12, 2011

from Wired: sugar makes us sleepy while protein wakes us up

Ha!  I knew it.  :)  For years I have reversed the syntax of the meals in the day.  For breakfast I'll have something very protein heavy and heavy like spicy Korean style pork, sweet and sour pork, lean ground beef and black beans for a meat-heavy taco salad, or some other protein heavy meal.  I have found I absolutely must start with such a heavy meal.  Carb-heavy breakfasts are awful for me and do me no good.  Lunch is still lunch, but I save carbs for the last meal of the day.  I might have a potato or two, or I might have oatmeal, or I might have frozen fruit.  The main thing is that by making the last meal of the day the lightest and leaning on carbs with fiber I find that it prevents me from suffering too much by way of sleep deprivation or insomnia.  By contrast, I've leaned heavily on dead animals for the first meal of the day because it always seems to fire up my ability to think, think hard about things, and to concentrate.  It gives me the momentum I need to pull through a day.

Not that I needed some article in Wired to prove all this to me.  I've consulted a dietician since as far back as 2006 and have learned this through that.

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