Sunday, November 06, 2011

update on reading Romans: The Righteousness of God by Adolf Schlatter

Oh my!  This book could be the most challenging read I've ever undertaken!  There are sentences where there are no active verbs.  I've been borrowing my sister's copy of Bethghe's biiography on Bonhoeffer and in it he writes that Schlatter was often barely comprehensible even to fellow Germans because of his unusual dialect and way of speaking.  Well I do not doubt this now that I've spent months (yes months) steadily poring through just the first hundred pages of the book.

I've been intended to get into this book more (and more) partly in response to Brooks' suggestion over at City of God but mostly because my pastor has been very, very nice in letting me borrow it for a long time.  He's said that he's spending a year in John so he won't need the Schlatter commentary for a while.  Thank God!  This book is proving to be, as I said, the most challenging read as sheer reading experience I think I"ve had.  On the other hand I have been mentioning that I've got cataracts, right?  I've also got weird black transluscent eel-like floaters mussing about in even my good eye so reading books in my house is sometimes tougher than it used to be.  Fully lit screens, however, I can totally read with ease.  There's a strange irony for people who want to pretend that reading computer screens is somehow inferior to books.  Different people are in different spots.

Anyway, this is all I'm rambling about for this post.  The whole time switch thing did not find my waking up earlier as I anticipated I would so Sundays I'm going to have to build up to.  One thing about staying up late with friends for the better part of a week is it takes time to reset the sleep rhythm for me now. 

That's all for now.

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