Tuesday, November 29, 2011

two links for later consideration, Michael Card on Job and Jerram Barrs on 2 Cor


I've been wanting to blog about these to lectures/sermons for a while now but recovering from eye surgery is recovering from eye surgery.  I'm not adequately situated to stare at computer screens for very long periods, not where reading and typing are concerned.  So for now I'll link to these two presentations and I hope to get to writing about what both men have to say about Christians who face suffering in more detail later.

By way of spoilers,though, Michael Card describes Job as a dramatic narrative in which Job is attempting to make a lament before the Lord and his friends, ever insistent on defending orthodox theology and a proper defense of the justness of God, continually interrupt Job and tell him he can't make his lament about God's permission of injustice and that he's wrong. 

Jerram Barrs discusses Paul's mention in 2 Corinthians about a time where he faced so much by way of trials and suffering he despaired of life itself.  If Christians suggest that you will not be tempted beyond what you can bear keep in mind that that is temptation to sin and not being tested through suffering.  Jesus sweat blood in the face of being tested with more than what He could physically bear is how I suggest we frame it.  After all, Jesus was obedient to the point of death and that, friends, is being tested by suffering beyond the point that one can bear. 

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